Paige and Andy Andrews

Being from the southern US we think we know hospitality and you have displayed that in spades! We have learned so much from you both that we will take home and enjoy for a lifetime –from the kitchen recipies and ideas on entertaining to the methods of decanting and the “right way” to hold a wine glass. Our tribute to you is our acrostic poem:
M-Making it easy in the kitchen
A-Always making her guests feel welcome
R-Ready to share her ideas
G-Great at making everyone feel comfortable
A-Advice about her experiences to help you learn
R-Remembering us all like we are old friends
E-Everything prepared and ready
T-Takes the time for the special details –like our 30th anniversary flowers!
R-Ready to tell a story
O-Outstanding knowledge
N-Never says no to a glass of wine
A-Always has a solution to the problem
L-Living the dream!
D-Doing it his way 😉
You both have spoiled us for all the other vacations we will take!
Paige and Andy Andrews
Raleigh, NC, USA
(The 2016 October Grand Cru Harvest Tour)