Prue and Ross Manners

It has been a marvellous tour for Ross and I. We both enjoyed ourselves even more than the first time (!) though we thought would be not possible at the time in 2012! We both felt totally looked after, with every detail sorted. Our only commitment was to relax(!) and that was easy.
We loved our cooking lessons with Margaret which were very well organized and lots of fun and a great excuse to drink some more premium wines. It was funny to see our husbands deeply immersed in the art of learning to cook, earnestly working away. We loved how you managed between you to meld our group of strangers into a bunch of friends by the end of the week. We thoroughly enjoyed our fellow travelers. We know that is because you both like people and you made it fun. Ross commented to me how much you both gave of yourselves to your guests!
So thank you once again for a wonderful time. My ancient uncle of 99 years whom I visited just yesterday (3 days after our return) told me that I looked the brightest and happiest he had seen me in a while! And he is very sharp for all his 99 years! Please feel free to stick this in your visitors’ book, as I ran out of time at the end of our heavenly week. Perhaps we will meet up again in a couple of years, who knows and let’s hope! Of course you are always welcome in our part of the world. Our farm is about one hour from the Thompsons vineyard and Margaret River wine district.
May the Bordeaux Wine Experience continue to prosper.

Prue and Ross Manners
Nedlands, Western Australia
(The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour July 2014)
(The Grand Tour of Bordeaux June 2012)