Saint Emilion First Growth Angelus optimistic about the 2017 Harvest

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2017, a vintage bursting with fresh fruit aromatics
Generous crop yields in a difficult context

After a very favourable start to the growing season with a very early bud-break, the vine cycle was delayed at the end of April by a frost which hit the Bordeaux region very severely. At Angélus, where nature was kind, we were mostly spared this sad episode.

Ronald with Hubert de Bouard de Laforest, the man responsabel for the wines at Angelus

Ronald with Hubert de Bouard de Laforest, the man responsabel for the wines at Angelus

The rest of the season went wonderfully smoothly with an excellent flowering, followed by a very hot month of June which boosted the vines’ energy levels and gave them the strength they needed to develop high quality grapes.
A quite cool but dry summer allowed the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly, which favoured fresh fruit aromatic expression.
The end of summer weather was a little rainy; however, with the grapes already ripe we decided to begin harvesting on September 13th!

As we send out this press release, the whole of the crop has already been brought in. The quantity is relatively large and of very high quality.
The wines exhibit a deep colour, while aromatically they have immediate charm with stunning fresh fruit character. On the palate, the wines have tight-knit and silky tannins, precision and balance with a lovely fresh mouth-feel.

The wines of Château Angélus (85% of a normal crop size) are now quietly finishing their alcoholic fermentation and beginning their maceration phase, which will enable them to gain freshness, tension and depth –the hallmark characteristics of Angélus.

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