Experience Bordeaux in Harvest time

Stay at our private Chateau

Experience a daily lunch at a Bordeaux Chateau

Experience a daily lunch at a Bordeaux Chateau on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Taste all five First Growths plus Yquem

Enjoy a cooking class in Margaret's Chateau Kitchen

Savor a true culinary Experience

Have the best fun ever!

Our guests call this: "An amazing Experience"

Bordeaux Harvest Tour: Experience Bordeaux in Harvest time

Mac Drum
Mac Drum
1. December, 2019.
A romantic, never to be forgotten, put it on your bucket list experience. One does not merely tour Bordeaux; one needs an ambassador with the keys to unlock your entry into the circle that represents the finest wines in the world. Ronald holds that key and will regale you with the finest in wines, stories, history and food that Bordeaux has to offer. I just do not believe you can gain entry to the top grand crus and their excellent neighbors without Ronald's access to this region. Margaret deftly hosts at their beautiful chateau where you feel as much as family friends than mere guests. If you want to get a peek in the window of the royal wines of France, this is the way to do it.
Laura F
Laura F
10. November, 2019.
So much more than a wine tour! Small, fun, educational - highly recommend! Ronald and Margaret are amazing hosts, welcoming you into their home! The tour includes so much education about Bordeaux wines and the terroir - this was the unexpected part of the tour. The wonderful wine and food exceeded my expectations, absolutely - there were so many special meals, including at two of the Chateaux. A few favorite memories - going to the local market, then making lunch in Margaret's kitchen - followed by eating the wonderful meal we'd prepared and sampling wines from Ronald's amazing cellars. The final dinner at the Chateaux, where Ronald demonstrated his skills at slicing off the top of a champagne bottle - followed by a luscious dinner and too much wine to describe. Walking the vineyards with a winemaker, watching the harvest and learning about the impacts of the weather on the grapes. I'd highly recommend this tour for a personalized, small experience where you get to experience unique wines and Chateaux. We will absolutely return.
8. October, 2019.
Fantastique wine tour. If you love Bordeax wines and love great food this is the tour for you. The Bordeaux Wine Experience is a high end, low stess and fun tour to take. For 5 days you get to taste some the the best wines that Bordeaux(in the world actually) has to offer. Plus you also eat great French food along the way. There is no shortage of either. The tour is run by Ronald and Margaret. Ronald has an immense knowledge of Bordeax wines and delivers it in a fun, easygoing and humorous way. Margaret is a great chef and lovey person. The Chateaux is a beautiful property in a very comfortable country setting. They have this tour down pat, you get to visit some top flight wineries that not everyone has access to because of Ronalds knowledge and connections. The lunches and dinners are top notch thru and thru. As I said, if you love wine and great food in a low key non snob atmoshere this is an absolute must.
Jay N
Jay N
26. September, 2019.
the wine vacation you've always wanted Imagine that you have distant relatives who live in Bordeaux . . . you see them occasionally and family functions and always wind up hanging out with them later than you expected. They keep inviting you to come stay with them and do a wine tour in the area (you both have discovered your mutual love for wine). One day, you take them up on the offer . . . you arrive late afternoon (met by a glass of champagne, of course) and meet family and friends for a casual dinner. Before you know it, you are diving into spectacular Bordeaux wines and learning more than you can imagine about classifications, terroirs, right bank, left bank . . . and even how to hold your glass like a local. Bright and early next morning, fresh coffee, orange juice and croissants await . . . but no dawdling . . . there is wine to taste. Five days follow of “behind the curtain” tours and tasting with spectacular food and wines from all the Chateaus/first growths you’ve only read about. The whirlwind days include warm welcomes and stories at every stop – it feels like you’ve been part of the community for years. That is what Ronald and Margaret Rens bring to the Bordeaux Wine Experience – you are part of the family from the moment you arrive, and they are happy to share all of their Bordeaux knowledge and history to make your visit what you want it to be. A highlight is Ronald pulling a few of his “babies” out of his personal wine cave to share . . . with stories included!! The final dinner is joyous and melancholy – new friends celebrating their time together . . . but realizing that we’ve all reached the end of an amazing experience. Everyone talks of coming back . . . not going home. It is a vacation you will not soon forget.
Gary F
Gary F
24. September, 2019.
Much More Than A Tour -- A True Experience When faced with the task of writing a review, especially one for which superlatives should abound, the dilemma is one of how to do so without it sounding cliched or worse yet, coming across as a shill for the provider of the experience. Such is the case for The Bordeaux Wine Experience. So yes, this wine tour was a dream come true. The wine sampling was from bottles only previously read about in magazines. The cuisine was consistently of a caliber of which you would indulge perhaps only a couple of times per year. The knowledge of wine imparted to the guests was erudite without having to endure the tedium of pontification. The facilities at Chateau Coulon Laurensac are beautiful and comfortable. While all of these things make for a pleasing wine tour, this was far, far more than that, for as the name clearly states, this was an experience. This then begs the question, what is it that accounts for the difference? And the answer is this: Love. Frame it in your mind like this – take the one thing in YOUR life that you are most passionate about and imagine sharing that passion with a small group of people. You get to be “totally you,” sharing all that you know of the subject and experience the joys of indulging in that subject with this group of people, who also happen to appreciate your life’s passion. Your love of this subject comes through in every sense as you expand this group’s affinity for “your” passion, while you clearly delight in being able to share all of this with others. Now, who wouldn’t like to be in such a position as to share their life’s passion like this? And so it is for Margaret and Ronald. Their love of the wine and gastronomy of the Bordeaux region of France is what elevates time spent with them from merely being a tour to truly being an experience. The joy of imparting all of this to their “new friends” is clearly written upon their faces. And this is what ultimately contributes to The Bordeaux Wine Experience being a dream come true for those who sign on. It is inconceivable that at the end of the week spent with Margaret and Ronald, that you don’t feel a warm radiance in your heart as you say goodbye to them. This experience is just that profound!
P. Ben
P. Ben
24. July, 2019.
Fabulous wine tour, The Bordeaux Wine Experience I have taken a number of wine tours in my life and I can honestly say this was the best, most informative and enjoyable one ever. If you like wine, especially Bordeaux, this trip is not to be missed. Ronald and Margaret Rens run only six one-week tours per year based out of their beautiful twelve-acre chateau in Latresne, fifteen minutes outside of downtown Bordeaux. The chateau has been completely renovated but retains all its 18th century charm. The rooms are very comfortable and have all modern amenities you would expect in an high end tour. Five double rooms are in a renovated building next to the chateau and a double room the single room are in the chateau itself. All have TV, air-conditioning, a mini-fridge and bath facilities. A heated swimming pool is available in the rear. Upon arrival you are greeted by Ronald and Margaret with a glass of Champagne and oriented to the chateau and your room. A vase of fresh flowers is in every room along with a hand-written note from Margaret welcoming you to their home (The chateau is their residence). There is a maximum of thirteen people allowed on these tours which is great in terms of logistics and wine drinking. Without giving a recap of every day's activities, let me just summarize by saying that we drank incredible wines every day, including First Growths, and visited many great wineries, including First Growths, and had fantastic meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and chateaux with...did I mention First Growths? Ronald Rens is the guide for the winery tours and he is absolutely the most knowledgable person I ever met about Bordeaux wines, and he has extensive knowledge about other wines and fine foods as well. He is a true insider in that he and Margaret have lived in Bordeaux for the last seventeen years and they know just about everyone in the wine business there. He is personal friends with the chateau owners and with the winemakers, which gives him knowledge and access not available to other tours. Travel among the various destinations is by luxury motor coach, spacious and air-conditioned. During the travel and at other times we were entertained by Ronald's very humorous and informative talks. By the way, outside of the tours, Ronald is a well-known wine writer and educator. The gastronomic parts of the trip were organized by Margaret, Ronald's wife. She is a wine expert in her own right but also guides the culinary experience which was one of the highlights of the trip. Under Margaret's guidance we traveled to a nearby village where an outdoor farmer's market has been held every Wednesday for the last six hundred years. We bought fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and cheese which we took back to the chateau and made a three-course lunch under Margaret's supervision in the professional kitchen. All the while we were cooking, Ronald was pouring wine which we continued to enjoy as we sat down to eat our wonderful culinary creation. Though the emphasis is on wine, the tour took us to some very interesting historic sites as well. A trip to the very charming medieval city of St. Emilion was very educational and gave us an opportunity to visit Ronald's favorite wine store. And what a store! They have absolutely anything you could want and do allow tasting of some wines and, one of my favorites, old Armagnacs. Many of us purchased wine there. Ronald and Margaret are the reasons the experience is so wonderful. They are so gracious, kind, generous and welcoming. Ronald has quite the sense of humor which is apparent in almost every interaction with him. Both Ronald and Margaret are very knowledgable and are happy to share and to teach. One can tell that they truly like people and love what they do. It is their fine taste in wine and food, their contacts and their organizational talents that enable them to conduct such an incredible and unforgettable tour. I am looking forward to doing it again next year.
8. July, 2019.
A fantastic Bordeaux Wine Experience We had done some research online because we knew we wanted to do some wine tastings and learn a little about Bordeaux wine generally. When we looked online, this looked like the best option for us, and we loved it from top to bottom. I'll try to add some detail for those that are interested. First for us was the wine. We visited three different First Growths as well as a few other chateaux for visits/tours of the property as well as tastings. At one chateau we were greeted to the American flag flying next to the French flag and we came to find out that was done intentionally for our arrival. We were greeted by the (fourth-generation) owner, who personally showed us around the property and then personally poured us a tasting of their wine. At another very big name property the current manager (son-in-law of the current and elderly owner) personally greeted us, took us on a tour of their facilities, and gave us a tasting of their first wine. I can only assume you get that kind of treatment when you go there with Ronald, as these are his personal friends. Beyond the tastings we had at the chateaux, the Bordeaux Wine Experience has wine with all of your meals of course. Sometimes you may try four, five, six, maybe even more wines in one sitting. I had never tried so many different wines in a given week in my life and I found it very edifying. In addition you're constantly getting information from Ronald. He tells you some history, some current news, interesting anecdotes, descriptions of the wines and vintages. It wasn't as immersive as studying to be a master somm but it was very illuminating for me to be able to see these places I had read about, talk to people that work there, and of course enjoy the fruits of their labor. I developed some favorites and preferences from trying so many wines but who am I kidding, the best part was trying all five of the First Growths during my week there. And not just very recent/young vintages, plenty of age on some of these. It was a wine lover's dream. Next you have to discuss the food. I was sure it would be good but did not really have a vision in mind. Rest assured the food for us at least was excellent. I'm a cheese lover and it being France there were plenty of meals with cheese courses. The meals are usually long and relaxing which is nice after being on your feet all morning long doing the hard work of touring vineyards. We would relax and enjoy fantastic meals. Several times we had lunch in the chateau itself. Literally sitting in buildings that were built decades if not centuries before I was born, having beautiful meals. The food was really high level to match the settings. Not only could some of the places have Michelin stars in my opinion, we actually went to a restaurant with a Michelin star. Its at that level. I had the best foie gras and strawberries that I've ever had in my life during this trip. Next you need to talk about accomodations. Now I was mostly out and about and didn't spend much time in my room but it was very comfortable, had a little fridge with some drinks, bottled water, everything you could want really. Plus you're staying in a real chateau yourself, how cool is that? But it doesn't stop there. They rented a full size bus for us despite the fact that we could probably have fit in a half sized bus. Ronald just wanted us to have room to spread out or place any bags of things we purchased. It really makes a lot of difference to not be crammed in next to your neighbors. And obviously having someone else deal with the traffic takes all of those concerns away. Lastly I think you should talk about the people. All of the people we met on the trip were lovely to us from the other guests to the people at the chateaux to most obviously Ronald and Margaret themselves. Everyone was happy to see us and welcoming, information and helpful. Again I think it pays to travel with someone that has such deep connections everywhere we went like Ronald does. I think calling this the Bordeaux Wine "Experience" is exactly the right name because its not just wine, not just a vacation, not just seeing countryside. It is everything all put into one. I learned a little about French customs and table manners. I learned lots of history. I immersed myself as much as I could in the wine, winemaking, vineyard managing, grape growing, etc. Then there's the food. The language. The culture. There was a lot to this trip and it all felt very luxurious without ever making it feel stuffy or pretentious or whatever else. Everyone seemed very sincere and genuine. If you're interested in learning about, and experiencing!, Bordeaux then I would recommend this trip to anyone.
Jim K
Jim K
7. July, 2019.
A FABULOUS EXPERIENCE We did the Bordeaux Wine Experience and it was well worth the time and money. Ronald provides expert wine tasting advice and is always entertaining and charming. Margaret is a fabulous hostess. The accommodations are lovely but the greatest value in the tour is the access the tour provides to the top vineyards in the world. The food was wonderful and paired so beautifully with the wine. This will be a lifelong memory for my wife and me. I would highly recommend this tour to others!
Cape Cod John
Cape Cod John
28. June, 2019.
Unique Experience This was our second Bordeaux Wine experience with hosts Ronald & Margaret. Besides their unique knowledge and experience with the classified growths, they welcome you as a family to their 18th century home and greatly enhance this special visit to the Bordeaux region. They give so much of themselves, it was really special for our 13 member group.
27. June, 2019.
Enter as Strangers Leave as Friends - How Appropriate is this quote after our last dinner Met a fantastic group of people and tasted great wines. Ronald as a wine tutor and Margaret as a cook give excellent education at all levels as well as running a fantastic well structured tour. We ate like royalty and tasted all first growths and many 100 point wines. You may think costs are high but I think it is cheap for the tour, meals and wines tasted, let alone the camaraderie. The experience, knowledge friendliness and generosity of Margaret and Ronald has no price. We will be back when / if we can get a place on this fantastic adventure

"You guys created a true Bordeaux Wine Experience for us!"

We have travelled a fair amount and our experience with you guys was exceptional and much beyond our expectations.

Tony and Janet S, Indiana, USA (The Bordeaux Harvest Tour)

"We feel so fortunate to have shared this unique experience with you."

Everything was truly superb: obviously the wine (!!!) and the food (!!!) but also your lovely home and especially your hospitality in having us enjoy your gorgeous chateau.

Caryn and Steve S, FL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"If you are doing something, find the very best way."

We had a most unforgettable experience here in Bordeaux. Ronald: loved your humour, banter, and insights.

Jim and Gearty A, Queensland, Australia (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We both feel that our “experience” was complete in the fullest sense."

The magic of Bordeaux comes alive –both in the vineyards that we visited and in the charm ad spirit of your beautiful home.

Mike and Sally R, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"Every aspect of the trip exceeded expectations"

The food, wine and education were exceptional and opened our eyes to your wonderful part of the world.

Tom and Patty S., Colts Neck, NJ, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"A fantastic experience"

Ronald’s knowledge and his amazing ability to transmit that to somebody that knows nothing about wines makes this Tour a fantastic experience.

Veronica and Alberto C, Cancun, Mexico (The Bordeaux Harvest Tour)

"Our Second Bordeaux Wine Experience"

There have been many highlights including the dinners, meeting the chateau owners, the chateau accesses and Ronald your wonderful stories!

Alan H and Janine G, Brisbane, Australia (The 2016 Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour and the2014 Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This is a truly magnificent warm and unique experience"

The warmth of Ronald and Margaret, the food, the company and the good humor and spirit all around have made this a once in a lifetime way to learn, have fun and experience things we could not even imagine.

Anita and Prabha S., Chicago, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"It has been a fantastic week for all four of us."

I have never seen my Dad being this happy for a long time and here in Bordeaux he has been jumping up and down like a little boy at each different chateau.

The C family, Bangkok, Thailand (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"What a fabulous time we had on our Harvest Food and Wine Experience!"

Margaret’s cooking classes were so relaxing and fun; and Ronald’s knowledge of wine and his sense of humor made each day a pleasure.

Tommie and Jack D, MA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"Ronald your passion for wine and for teaching us is incomparable"

Margaret you are a gracious host and your cooking talents have inspired the both of us.

Jeanette and Arnold H, NY, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"One of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of my life"

Your gracious hospitality, elegant class, knowledge and humor made this one of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of my life.

Matt Hawley, AZ, USA (Single traveler on the Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"A once in a lifetime experience"

Your choices of itinerary have given us an amazing appreciation of what the Bordeaux region has to offer.

Tracy and Bob F., Northbrook, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"What a wonderful, unique experience!"

We came to the Bordeaux Wine Experience not quite sure what to expect and it has been beyond our wildest expectations.

Nancy and Bill H., Richmond, VA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"Such an extraordinary experience!"

It was more than Margaret’s warmth and hospitality and more than Ronald’s brilliant storytelling and seemingly endless knowledge.

Lisa S, Washington, DC, USA (Single traveller on the Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"It has been such an incredible week of wine food and fun!"

My “holy grail” moment was seeing the label art at Mouton but the entire experience was magical.

 Katrina S, WA, USA (Single traveler on the Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This is a once in a lifetime experience"

Every day was special in its own unique way: from the joyous cooking class to tasting First Growths, to shopping in the wine store.

Dana L and Greg O, Washington, DC, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"As a teacher I loved your style, your passion and your knowledge"

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and will recommend you without reservation.

Lakshman and Geeta K., Chicago, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We both feel that our “experience” was complete in the fullest sense"

The magic of Bordeaux comes alive –both in the vineyards that we visited and in the charm ad spirit of your beautiful home.

Mike and Sally R, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This has truly been the trip of a lifetime!"

Your priceless insights into Bordeaux, its wines, cuisine and culture are precious and we will value them forever.

Danielle and Loretta N, Alaska, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"A lovely hedonistic learning experience!"

The food and the wine were exceeded only by your gracious hospitality. The Bordeaux Wine Experience exceeded all our expectations.

Peter R and Cindy S, Arizona, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This experience was beyond our wildest expectations"

The wines tasted on the tour are really wonderful and delicious.

A TripAdvisor reviewer on The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour

"You both have spoiled us for all the other vacations we will take!"

We have learned so much from you both that we will take home and enjoy for a lifetime –from the kitchen recipes to the “right way” to hold a glass.

Paige and Andy A Raleigh, NC, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

The Bordeaux Harvest Tour: get ready for an unforgettable experience

The Bordeaux Harvest Tour may well be the most spectacular tour we offer, with meals as exceptional as your visits.

The most exciting time in Bordeaux is harvest time. You can sense the anticipation in the air.

Can you believe that you will taste all five First Growths and Superior First Growth Chateau d’Yquem…

Our 2025 Bordeaux Harvest Tours

→The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour I (September 15 – Sept 20, 2025)

(Last room available, just one single room) – Ask for a detailed itinerary here

→The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour II (September 29 – October 4, 2025)

(Last room available, just one single room) – Ask for a detailed itinerary here

  • 6 days, 5 nights
  • All-inclusive tour rate: € 7595 (per person, double or twin occupancy; one single room available)
  • Exclusive touring: limited to six double/twin rooms and one single (no single supplement)
  • Carefree and truly effortless touring in Bordeaux: We take care of everything, really everything
  • Due to the exclusive nature of these tours, this program will sell out
  • Your tour hosts and Bordeaux Wine and Culinary Experts:
    • Ronald Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master, Bordeaux Specialist
    • Margaret Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master, Culinary Expert.

Ask your itinerary here


The Bordeaux Harvest Tour: Experience the best of Bordeaux in Harvest time

On this acclaimed Bordeaux Harvest Tour you’ll have the opportunity of visiting and tasting at leading Chateaux of the Medoc, Saint Emilion and Pomerol that normally are closed to the public.

Be among the first to taste the latest vintage and enjoy our personal selection of library wines.

On our Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour you taste more wines then on any other wine tour.

We guarantee you will taste all five First Growths of the 1855 classification. And many of them are older vintages!

But there is more as we visit other specifically selected outperforming chateaux of both Left Bank and Right Bank.

This unique tour for food and wine lovers combines the best wines of Bordeaux with a fun cooking class and exclusive gourmet meals.

Education about Bordeaux, its history and its wines and wine making


Experience Bordeaux in Harvest time on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Experience Bordeaux in Harvest time

The Bordeaux Harvest Tour starts with a fun masterclass on Bordeaux wine tasting.

You’ll learn all about grape varieties, terroir, appellations, classifications, tasting, decanting and much more.

You’ll become more familiar and knowledgeable about Bordeaux wines.

All in a fun and down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere in the company of fellow wine lovers.

You’ll learn about Left Bank and Right Bank and understand the difference between them. In short, you’ll expand your Bordeaux wine knowledge while enjoying great food and great wine.

Enough extraordinary wine experiences to make your head spin!

Enjoy a truly culinary Bordeaux experience

Yquem, one of the Chateaux you will see and taste on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Yquem, one of the famous Chateaux you will see and taste on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

As part of a small, select group we can open doors for you that remain closed for others.

Can you believe that you’ll indulge in a daily lunch at a Bordeaux Chateau?

And there is more: for dinner we take you to the most renowned restaurants of the area, including Bordeaux’s most elegant Michelin-starred restaurant.

And if that’s not enough, you will sample your way around one of the oldest regional open-air food markets while foraging ingredients.

In the spacious kitchen of Chateau Coulon Laurensac you will experience a fun cooking class while enjoying some great Bordeaux wines.

You’ll taste the classical wines of both Saint Emilion and Medoc and have an Armagnac tasting of older vintages, some of them over 40 years old!

This Bordeaux Harvest Tour is both a culinary and a wine experience

This Bordeaux Harvest Tour is both a culinary and a wine experience

Great food, great wine and great fun with great people!

Great food, great wine and great fun with great people!

Grand Cru wines with all meals

The cooking class is an incredible wine-soaked team-building experience and it remains one of the unbeatable highlights on our tours.

The cooking class is an incredible wine-soaked team-building experience and it remains one of the unbeatable highlights on our tours.

Of course you will taste Grand Cru wines with all meals.

And to round it all off you’ll be invited into the private dining room of our own 18th century Château Coulon Laurensac for a Farewell dinner like you’ve never experienced before.

Our private chef will prepare another remarkable meal for us that we will match by an impressive succession of library wines that have been ageing in our cellar.

Including Chateau Margaux 1985 and Superior First Growth Chateau d’Yquem of over 30 years old!

We’ll light the candles in our dining room and share another delicious meal to conclude this amazing experience.

Sipping First Growths over lunch in the park of Chateau Coulon Laurensac following a cooking class is an unforgettable experience

Sipping First Growths over lunch in the park of Chateau Coulon Laurensac following a cooking class is an unforgettable experience

Stay at our private Chateau

Stay at our private Chateau on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Stay at our private Chateau on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

During your Bordeaux wine tour with the Bordeaux Wine Experience you’ll stay at our beautiful Chateau Coulon Laurensac.

Coulon Laurensac is nested on the riverbanks of the Garonne River, just outside Bordeaux.

This enchanting Château (built in 1724!) is the perfect starting point for tours in all the famous wine regions of the Bordeaux area.

No hotel-hopping on our tours!

All suites combine old-world charm with modern amenities like air-conditioning.

No two rooms are alike and they all have their own character.


Great value and even more fun!

Great value

Some may think costs are high at first but our guests feel it’s a bargain for the tour, meals and wines tasted.

Let alone the camaraderie and the great fun.

Or in the words of a previous guest:

The experience, knowledge friendliness and generosity of Margaret and Ronald has no price…
We will be back when and if we can get a place on this fantastic adventure.

Ask your itinerary  here!




A Farewell dinner like you’ve never experienced before..

A Farewell dinner like you’ve never experienced before..

10 Excellent reasons to join the Bordeaux  Harvest Tour

  1. Exclusive Touring Experience:
    Have the ultimate Chateau Experience

    Have the ultimate Chateau Experience

    Limited to just six double/twin rooms and one single, our tours prioritize intimacy and personalized attention for a truly exclusive experience.

  2. Effortless and Carefree Travel:
    Enjoy carefree and seamless travel in Bordeaux as we take care of every detail, ensuring a hassle-free journey from start to finish.
  3. Taste all 5 First Growths and Château d’Yquem!
    Delight your palate with tastings of all five First Growths and Château Yquem, providing an extraordinary opportunity to savor some of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wines with every meal (except breakfast!)
  4. Expert and Humourous Guidance by Ronald Rens:
    Benefit from the expertise and humor of Bordeaux specialist Ronald Rens and his dedicated team, ensuring an informative and enjoyable tour.
  5. Gourmet Dining at Exclusive Venues:
    Indulge in gourmet meals served at Bordeaux Chateaux and venues not typically accessible to the public, elevating your culinary experience.
  6. An entertaining concise cooking class:
    Experience an entertaining and concise, cooking class where you’ll not only learn culinary techniques but also savor some of Bordeaux’s finest wines.
  7. Entertaining and humourous guidance by Ronald Rens M.Sc., Wine Master, Bordeaux Expert

    Chateau Accommodation:
    Rest in comfort at our air-conditioned, 18th Century chateau, offering an elegant and historic setting for a truly authentic Bordeaux experience.

  8. Luxury Transportation:
    Traverse the Bordeaux region in style with air-conditioned, luxury motor coach transportation, ensuring a comfortable and convenient journey throughout the tour.
  9. Small Group, Big Fun:
    Revel in great food, exquisite wines, and a lot of fun within the intimate setting of a small group, fostering camaraderie and shared enjoyment throughout your Bordeaux adventure.
  10. Grand Cru Farewell Dinner:
    Culminate your journey with a Grand Cru Farewell Dinner featuring an array of Grand Cru wines, including Chateau Margaux 1985 and the prestigious Chateau d’Yquem of over 30 years old!

Discover Bordeaux in a way that goes beyond the ordinary—our tours are designed to immerse you in the region’s finest wines, culinary delights, and the charm of a small, exclusive group experience.

Get your full Itinerary of the Bordeaux Harvest Tour here now!


For those of you who think that this is a tour for wine snobs, or for snobs or pretentious people in general, think again.
This tour was somehow the epitome of down to earth – from our terrific tour mates to the anti-snob Rens, who literally welcome you into their home as family. Read their website, visit their Facebook page and if all it seems to good to be real, just wait… the EXPERIENCE is even better.”

Comment from Tripadvisor

With Ronald you will taste more Classified Growths than on any other Bordeaux Wine Tour

With Ronald you will taste more Classified Growths than on any other Bordeaux Wine Tour

We take care of everything, really everything

Once your Bordeaux Wine Tour begins you can relax knowing that the tour rate covers absolutely everything during your trip with us.

Everything means really everything:  guides, accommodations, all meals but one, all wines, excursions, all entrance fees, tasting fees, tips, taxes and gratuities.

Tipping is neither required nor expected.

You’ll only need to open your wallet when you go off exploring on your own, have one meal on your free night in Bordeaux or decide to buy souvenirs or wine to ship home.


*Please note:
Itinerary subject to change, every effort will be made to keep the itinerary as close as possible to what appeared here; however the final itinerary may vary due to wine chateaux schedules, change of policies, availabilities and other factors beyond our control.

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The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour


The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour: Stay at our Chateau and taste all 5 Bordeaux First Growths: Margaux, Mouton Rothschild, Lafite, Latour and Haut Brion, as well as Yquem

The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour: Stay at our Chateau and taste the Bordeaux First Growths: Margaux, Mouton Rothschild, Lafite, Latour, Haut Brion and Yquem