Wine Lovers are more than welcome in Bordeaux

Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Chateau

Are we a match?

"5 days of packed entertainment, information, fun, new friends and of course wine"

Ronald, I will always remember your stories and anecdotes, as well of your encyclopedic knowledge of Bordeaux

Glenn and Trish C, NSW, Australia (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"It has been a truly marvelous experience"

Everything was so perfect and we will remember this trip forever!

Susie and John S, CO, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"You have mastered the art of making strangers feel so very welcome"

I thank you for an experience we will treasure always

Cindy and Dave B, CA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"Little did we know that we would find an experience we would never forget"

Your genuineness, open esprit and the welcome into your home turned a vacation into a visit with friends.

Leon and Suzanne, CA, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"The perfect hosts"

Margaret and Ronald are extremely professional, social, and most polite.

Wayne H, NJ, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"Giving us your lectures in a comic way was delightful"

As I have said you should ad a comedy show to the schedule. You two are the right balance to make all of us feel very special.

Sharon and Arch W, New Mexico, USA  (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This tour was somehow the epitome of down to earth"

For those of you who think that this is a tour for wine snobs, or for snobs or pretentious people in general, think again.

A TripAdvisor Reviewer

"Rarely if ever have we been welcomed so warmly and so genuinely"

While the wine and food have been extraordinary, your grace and humor will be one of our most enduring memories of Bordeaux.

John and Nancy S, Switzerland (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

Intimate, not intimidating

Ronald and Margaret: as down-to-earth as they come

Ronald and Margaret: as down-to-earth as they come

Some of our guests already know a lot about Bordeaux and its wines.

For others a Bordeaux Wine Tour serves as a top-down introduction to the fascinating Bordeaux Wine World.

Whatever your background, we can guarantee that you will have a great time.

We sometimes blush when we read what previous guests said about us in their Guest Comments.

On the other hand this is what we love doing: surpassing expectations.

Even for us it’s amazing to see the number of people each year who come back to us for a second, a third or even a fourth tour.


Down-to-earth with fellow wine lovers

An intimate group of wine lovers

An intimate group of wine lovers at Chateau Coulon Laurensac

We combine a down-to-earth approach with a great sense of humor.

And we prefer nice people on our tours.

Pretentious or obnoxious people: please stay away!

We’re serious about this because it is a personal, intimate experience (i.e. with us), filled with a lot of fun, so there is no time or energy for jerks…

So please only join us if you are a nice person who likes wine and want to learn more about the intriguing Bordeaux wine world.

And if you want to taste the best wines in the world while having an unforgattable fun vacation.


Personal Experience for an intimate group of wine lovers

Just six times per year we open up Chateau Coulon Laurensac

Just a few times per year we open our Chateau Coulon Laurensac for guests

It is not every day you are welcomed into somebody’s home, let alone a castle.

Just a few times per year we open our Chateau Coulon Laurensac for an intimate group of wine lovers.

With them we tour the best wineries in Bordeaux.

Through our contacts we even have arranged meals in Classified Growths, a highlight on each and every tour.

And there will be Grand Cru wines with all meals (except breakfast…)!

This may sound intimidating to some people but don’t worry, we’re as down-to-earth as they come.


Our vision: a different view

We only want nice people on our tours

Warning: your trip may show addictive

Our tours may need a warning label soon because they can get addictive.

The number of people coming back to us for a second or even a third helping of the Bordeaux Wine Experience is going up each year.

We are thrilled that a number of guest even come back to enjoy even a fourth Bordeaux Wine Tour with us!


Planning on returning for a fourth experience

Bill and Laurie came back for a third tour

Bill and Laurie will be back for a fourth tour

Bill and Laurie from Ohio ignored all warning signs and came back for a third Bordeaux Wine Tour.

In their words:
Once again you have exceeded our expectations. Although this is our third time with you, our experience has been even more fresh and exciting than the first. We plan on returning for a fourth experience! 

To be quite honest, comments like these make us really proud: we must be doing something right here…

We are so happy with people giving such enthusiastic and positive comments especially after several Bordeaux Wine Tours with us.


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