Non-snob, sincere and with a “Dutch” twist

Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Chateau

Margaret just loves to cook

Margaret just loves to cook

Be our guest at our Chateau Coulon Laurensac

The tasting room at Chateau Coulon Laurensac overlooking the pool

About Ronald and Margaret

"You made my holiday with your impressive stories"

It shows that for Ronald this isn’t a job: he just loves wine, he loves what he is doing!

Nikolas and Kira, Riga, Latvia (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"All educational experiences should be as nice!"

Thank you so much for the humor and knowledge you have brought us – irreplaceable!

Albert and Sandy M, California, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"You are charming hosts"

From Ronald’s exuberance to Margaret’s gastronomic expertise, it’s clear that you enjoy what you do and are very good at it.

Kirk and Jane G, IL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This is a wine experience of a lifetime!"

Ronald your passion for wine and your great sense of humor, and your endless stories entertained us constantly! We will never forget this trip!

Paul & Margaret A & Stephen & Barbara M, Ireland (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"Your personal warmth and enthusiasm made this week a continual delight"

We especially appreciated your generosity in sharing your wine treasures with us. We liked Bordeaux from our previous visit, but we learned from you how to love it even more.

Lu and Jack M, CT, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We couldn’t have asked for anything to make it better"

You are both so friendly and down to earth and made everyone so welcome and comfortable. Your hospitality has been amazing.

Nancy B and Brewster G, Oregon, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"So much happened, so much learned, such an experience"

Ronald, your knowledge of wine and easy explications and the humor will long be remembered.

Steve O, AZ, USA (Single traveller on the Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"The Bordeaux Wine Experience surpassed everything we hoped for"

Ronald, our trip leader & wine guru was tremendous: knowledgeable, witty, humorous and very articulate.

Jack and Jane N, CT, USA (The Bordeaux Harvest Tour)

"Margaret, you are such a warm and gracious host"

What a delightful stay, we are very impressed and grateful.

Glenn and Trish C, NSW, Australia The Bordeaux Harvest Tour

"Margaret, you exemplify the epitome of gracious hostess!"

Thank you both for making these five days some of the most special fun and enjoyable days we’ve ever spent.

Don & Sandy G, Florida, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"A truly wonderful experience!"

We really enjoyed Ronald’s tremendous knowledge of wine and local history, as well as his humor and wit. Margaret made us feel right at home.

Lisa and Mark L, CA, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"We loved being part of the Bordeaux Wine Experience!"

Ronald, your knowledge, enthusiasm, and fantastic storytelling ability have made this such a personal and heartfelt experience.

Kristin and Darren N, Nevada, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"Ronald your laidback nature coupled with your impressive knowledge made each day an adventure beyond our imaginations."

After this experience every sip of French wine will be matched with the image of a smiling Ronald and an elegant hostess, Margaret.

Don and Mary H, AZ, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"A wonderful week"

Of course, the personal contact with both of you gives guests very quickly the feeling of extended family and is so special.

Eric & Linda L, Canada (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"Host and hostess second to none"

We especially enjoyed the education, the wonderful stories, good laughs and camaraderie and smiled all week.

Harold and Laurel C, AZ, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

We take great pride in what we do

We take great pride in what we do

We take great pride in what we do

Designing and conducting our wine tours is a work of passion. We just love sharing our knowledge and the experience we have acquired over the last 30 years of our involvement with Bordeaux. And I think our guests sense that our passion for people and for Bordeaux is sincere. Most of us have a built-in bullshit-radar. And you can feel -in the first minute upon arrival- whether someone is sincere or not. You just can’t fake passion. We know we can’t anyway. Probably that’s why we have been getting such great guest reviews.

In Ronald’s words

Our Bordeaux Wine Tours are a personal experience and are conducted by Ronald personally. The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour, for instance, includes a market visit followed by a cooking class in Margaret’s Chateau Kitchen. I know that the word “experience” has been over-used lately, but our guests all agree that we provide real experiences. Access to top-chateaux in Bordeaux and meals in exclusive Bordeaux chateaux -not usually open to the public- are highlights of our tours. The tone is light and the atmosphere is relaxed with a sense of humor. We tour prestigious estates, not pretentious people…

The Bordeaux Wine Experience is a proud member of the Bordeaux Tourist Office for its Bordeaux Wine Tours

The Bordeaux Wine Experience is a proud member of the Bordeaux Tourist Office

“Your Tour, our Passion”

My friends sometimes ask me: “Ronald, do you still enjoy conducting your tours after all these years?” And I can honestly say that I do. What I love about what we do, is meeting so many great and interesting people from all over the world. I have been ending my YouTube video’s lately with the words: “Your Tour, our Passion.” And in the words of one of our guests: “You can’t buy or fake passion!” That’s why I can honestly say that I look forward to each new season where I can share my passion for Bordeaux and my passion for people with yet again so many people from all over the world

Non-snob, sincere and with a “Dutch” twist

So many people each year decide to come back to us to have a second, a third or even a fourth Bordeaux Wine Experience with us! And to be quite honest, this makes us really proud. And it encourages us to continue doing what we do best: designing unique Bordeaux Wine Experiences for fun and kind wine lovers from all over the world; offering the best Bordeaux has to offer; in a down-to-earth, personal and fun way. Non-snob, sincere and with a “Dutch” twist. And of these key values we won’t change a thing!

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