Stay at our private Chateau Coulon Laurensac

Stay at our private Chateau on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Taste all five Bordeaux First Growths plus Yquem

Because you want a Bordeaux Wine Experience and not “just a tour”

Because you want a Bordeaux Wine Experience and not "just a tour"

Enjoy sumptuous Gourmet Meals

Enjoy a Bordeaux Wine Experience of a lifetime

"The single greatest wine experience of my life!"

“Without a doubt, the best choice I’ve ever made, cannot recommend highly enough.”

Jeremy G. CA, USA (The Grand Cru Harvest Tour )

"It was a wine lover’s dream"

The best part was trying all five of the First Growths and not just very young vintages, plenty of age on some of these.

A TripAdvisor reviewer on the Grand Cru Tour

"I would highly recommend this tour to others!"

We did the Bordeaux Wine Experience and it was well worth the time and money.

A TripAdvisor reviewer on the Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour

"To say that the tour exceeded my expectations is a huge understatement"

For any lover of Bordeaux wines, this tour is heaven on earth.

Paul W. PA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour )

"We had a blast on this trip and we learned a lot as well"

If you like world class wine and fine dining, I could not recommend this trip more highly.

Jeff G and Connie H, CA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"It is hard to imagine other people in the world drinking as well as we did"

If you are contemplating signing up for this tour, do yourself a favor and book right away before it is sold out!

A TripAdvisor reviewer on The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour

"The only word I can use to describe this experience is epic!"

I can’t think of a better way to experience Bordeaux. We hope to return many more times in the future.

J. and Debby N. FL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"This tour is a wine lovers dream come true!"

Extraordinary, uniquely special, excellent these are some of the words I would use to describe this Bordeaux Wine Experience

Wayne H, New Jersey, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This trip is the ultimate adventure for fine wine lovers"

Meals were top notch and wines superb. Trip of a lifetime and extremely well done. Don’t miss it!

Dennis and Pat E, NJ, USA, (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This is the best wine experience in Bordeaux!"

We enjoyed ourselves and learned so many new things. Thank you for making us so feel like family.

Lou and Marcella P, New York, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"Your connections in the area led us to chateaux we’ve only dreamed of!"

I have loved Bordeaux wines for a time, but now I am in love with Bordeaux!

Andrea and Casey B, Florida, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This will remain with us forever, and that’s priceless"

I felt we were in the company of very good friends that we have known for years.

Lou and Marcella P. New York, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"The Bordeaux Wine Experience is a truly unique experience"

A little bit of heaven in Bordeaux -mixed lightly with warmth, hospitality, laughter and wine!

Mark H. and Adrian A. London, Great Britain (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We had one of the best trips of our life!"

Thanks for the great educational and memorable experiences both of you gave us.

Sharada and Donald A, Florida, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"The tour was magical, educational, and delicious in every way"

We have walked the earth enough; and traveled a lot and this was the most happiest and warm holiday we have ever had.

Sandra P and Rebecca Z, New York, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This was the best money we’ve ever spent on a vacation – bar none!"

We saw the Bordeaux region at its best and tasted wine at places neither one of us thought we would ever get into.

A TripAdvisor reviewer

"The BEST vacation of our lives – and we’ve traveled a lot!"

This trip was more than we could have hoped for. We cannot recommend the Bordeaux Wine Experience highly enough.

Dale and Theresa G, California, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"Your hospitality and great sense of humor was the frosting on the cake"

“We feel we’ve found new friends who we want to see again. We’d love to return and enjoy ourselves with you again.”

Scott and Sandy M, WA, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

Bordeaux Wine Tours

We know what you want: a carefree and truly effortless wine vacation in Bordeaux. A trip of a lifetime where fun and pleasure come first. Plus loads of great wines and superb meals of course…

You’ll feel completely pampered while we take care of everything, really everything!


2025 Bordeaux Wine Tour schedule:


Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home and sharing all your food and wine secrets. I am leaving with a real love for Bordeaux wines and Dutch hospitality. Next time I’ll see both of you... Read more

All-inclusive tour rate: € 7595 (per person, double or twin occupancy)Ask your itinerary here