Because you want a Bordeaux Wine Experience and not “just a tour”

Bordeaux Wine Tours

See and Taste all five Bordeaux First Growths including Mouton Rothschild

Stay at our private Chateau Coulon Laurensac

Stay at our private Chateau on the Bordeaux Harvest Tour

Taste the Best Bordeaux has to offer

Bordeaux Wine Tours

Experience privileged access to top Bordeaux Chateaux

Enjoy sumptuous Gourmet Meals

Enjoy your Bordeaux Wine Experience of a lifetime

Bordeaux Wine Tours

"We had a blast on this trip and we learned a lot as well"

If you like world class wine and fine dining, I could not recommend this trip more highly.

Jeff G and Connie H, CA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"It is hard to imagine other people in the world drinking as well as we did"

If you are contemplating signing up for this tour, do yourself a favor and book right away before it is sold out!

A TripAdvisor reviewer on The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour

"The only word I can use to describe this experience is epic!"

I can’t think of a better way to experience Bordeaux. We hope to return many more times in the future.

J. and Debby N. FL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"This tour is a wine lovers dream come true!"

Extraordinary, uniquely special, excellent these are some of the words I would use to describe this Bordeaux Wine Experience

Wayne H, New Jersey, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This trip is the ultimate adventure for fine wine lovers"

Meals were top notch and wines superb. Trip of a lifetime and extremely well done. Don’t miss it!

Dennis and Pat E, NJ, USA, (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This is the best wine experience in Bordeaux!"

We enjoyed ourselves and learned so many new things. Thank you for making us so feel like family.

Lou and Marcella P, New York, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour)

"Your connections in the area led us to chateaux we’ve only dreamed of!"

I have loved Bordeaux wines for a time, but now I am in love with Bordeaux!

Andrea and Casey B, Florida, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This will remain with us forever, and that’s priceless"

I felt we were in the company of very good friends that we have known for years.

Lou and Marcella P. New York, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"The Bordeaux Wine Experience is a truly unique experience"

A little bit of heaven in Bordeaux -mixed lightly with warmth, hospitality, laughter and wine!

Mark H. and Adrian A. London, Great Britain (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We had one of the best trips of our life!"

Thanks for the great educational and memorable experiences both of you gave us.

Sharada and Donald A, Florida, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"The tour was magical, educational, and delicious in every way"

We have walked the earth enough; and traveled a lot and this was the most happiest and warm holiday we have ever had.

Sandra P and Rebecca Z, New York, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This was the best money we’ve ever spent on a vacation – bar none!"

We saw the Bordeaux region at its best and tasted wine at places neither one of us thought we would ever get into.

A TripAdvisor reviewer

"The BEST vacation of our lives – and we’ve traveled a lot!"

This trip was more than we could have hoped for. We cannot recommend the Bordeaux Wine Experience highly enough.

Dale and Theresa G, California, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"Your hospitality and great sense of humor was the frosting on the cake"

“We feel we’ve found new friends who we want to see again. We’d love to return and enjoy ourselves with you again.”

Scott and Sandy M, WA, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

Bordeaux Wine Tours

“Without a doubt the best Bordeaux Wine Tours you can find”


Bonjour Wine Lover,

A Bordeaux Wine Experience and not “simply” a Bordeaux wine tour!
Just imagine visiting Bordeaux with an insider and actually seeing and tasting the world’s most famous chateaux, like Mouton Rothschild, Lafite Rothschild or Latour. Picture yourself at the oldest of the First Growth Haut Brion, seeing their cooper at work, or admiring the palace-style of Chateau Margaux. Imagine sipping a well-aged Yquem of over 20 years old in our Chateau’s private dining room.
Every wine lover in the world would like to visit these places but they are not easy to get in to, as Bordeaux doesn’t offer open tasting rooms. Allow me to open these doors (and bottles) that usually stay closed for outsiders. I will guide you through the entire experience like an insider! 
First Growths
Each of our Bordeaux Wine Tour includes tasting the iconic five First-Growths, along with château-accommodation and exclusive meals in venues not open to the public. In short, a real Bordeaux wine and culinary experience
The best way to experience Bordeaux is through local people, local foods and local wines.You’ll learn about Bordeaux wines in a fun, down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere with like-minded wine lovers!
Indulge yourself !


Let us turn your wine tour into a Bordeaux Wine Experience! 


 “Taste, Learn and Enjoy in a down-to-earth and Friendly Atmosphere with Like-minded Wine Lovers!”


Let me turn your Bordeaux wine tour into a Bordeaux Wine Experience!

Let Ronald turn your wine tour into a Bordeaux Wine Experience

Let Ronald turn your wine tour into a Bordeaux Wine Experience

All right, let’s get acquainted: My name is Ronald and I will be your personal guide to the intriguing world of Bordeaux wine. I urge you to stay with me for a minute, but if you are in a hurry to go to our Bordeaux wine tour descriptions, you can click here.
On our Bordeaux wine tours you will tour with me. It’s my mission to make this wonderful world of Bordeaux accessible to all levels of wine lovers. I have over 30 years experience in tasting and touring Bordeaux, so I know my way around. And I love sharing my knowledge and my sense of humor with you on our tours. And my cellar of course… That’s why with me you’ll taste such an incredible array of Classified Growths, some of them decades old!

Fast-pass to our Bordeaux Wine Tours


Learn about Bordeaux wines in a fun, down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere with like-minded wine lovers!

Learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere with like-minded wine lovers

Learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere with like-minded wine lovers

Our Bordeaux Wine Tour is different because we see things differently: Let me take a minute to tell you how in what way. I know that the wine world can be a bit pretentious and elitist at times and Bordeaux is no exception. Don’t worry; I have a down to earth approach. Leave your tuxedo, suits and ties at home! A Bordeaux wine tour is a vacation and you are on vacation to have fun! With us you’ll visit the good stuff, the best Grand Cru Chateaux but without the snobbery. For me wine is fun and is to be enjoyed and shared with friends. I love wine and hate snobbery, so there you go.


Make your dream come true

Wine is fun and is to be enjoyed and shared with friends

Even exceptional wines are fun and are to be enjoyed and shared with friends”

Imagine yourself tasting all five of the iconic  First Growths—Château Latour, Lafite Rothschild, Mouton-Rothschild, Haut-Brion and Margaux plus the legendary Yquem. You’ll get to know the major appellations of Bordeaux and taste the best of the bunch. Don’t worry if some of this is new to you. We are not snobbish at all. All the opposite, I love to uncork a passion for Bordeaux and its wines.


Stay at our privately-owned Chateau

Be our guest at our 18th century Chateau Coulon Laurensac. It just doesn’t get more personal than that. Combine the best of old-world charm with all modern comfort. Our chateau was Michelin-rated and you’ll have all the comfort and luxury you need, but you won’t pay for facilities you are not going to use. This is one of the reasons why our rates are so competitive. We think you’d be better off spending that part of your budget on wine…


Your personal Invitation to create memories for a lifetime

Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Bordeaux Chateau

Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Bordeaux Chateau

Now that you have survived my introduction, I invite you to have a look at those Bordeaux Wine Tours we offer. By now you must have understood that they’re not just Bordeaux wine tours. This is an invitation to an exceptional Bordeaux Wine Experience that you will remember forever. Don’t wait too long as our tours tend to sell out early.

I hope you’ll join me on a Bordeaux Wine Tour, so I can share my passion and those great bottles with you!

Signature Ronald

Ronald Rens, M. Sc., Wine Master
Wine Writer and President
The Bordeaux Wine Experience.

Now go and discover our Bordeaux Wine Tours here!

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