Making Bordeaux accessible to all levels of wine lovers

Ronald and Margaret love to welcome you at their Chateau

Our vision: a different view

"The second time was even better than the first"

Your warmth and passion for what you do, your attention to detail, your caring for each other and all of us, makes this a most special experience.

Sandy and Don G, FL, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour 2015 and the Bordeaux Grand Cru Tour June 2008)

"A humorous and entertaining storyteller"

Ronald has such a wealth of knowledge on Bordeaux wine and the Bordeaux culture –never a dull moment!

Nicolas and Patricia J, Perth, Australia (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"Ronald is a wonderful raconteur"

I only wish I could tell a story as well as he does.

David F, Wisconsin, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"We take away the most incredible memories"

What was the highlight? The food, the wine, the company? Everything!

Gina and Midge B Switzerland/USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"Lunches and dinners were magnificent  feasts"

All meals were memorable experiences; especially the “Farewell Dinner” held in your splendid chateau dinning room.

Wayne H, NJ, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"The wine, the food and companionship were outstanding"

Your warmth and humor made us feel welcome and it is as if we had known you for years.

Ainsley C and Tom B, Florida, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"2nd Time Around"

I cannot believe that we were able to come back and share this wonderful experience with our children.

Susan and Dominick S, New Jersey, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour 2014 and The Grand Tour of Bordeaux 2011)

"This tour it has been a wonderful and delightful experience."

You both are wonderful and lovely people that should continue with your tours so others can experience this wonderful time as well.

René Jaime, NV, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"We will recommend you highly"

Your humor was a great compliment to the great wines that we were all able to taste with you while enjoying excellent food.

Amanda and Steve C, CA, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"This was way more than we could ever have expected."

Your gracious hospitality, the depth of your knowledge about wine and food, and your wonderful personalities made this a trip to remember for life.

Meryl and Josh G, PA, USA (The Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"This tour was somehow the epitome of down to earth"

For those of you who think that this is a tour for wine snobs, or for snobs or pretentious people in general, think again.

A TripAdvisor Reviewer

"Such an extraordinary experience!"

It was more than Margaret’s warmth and hospitality and more than Ronald’s brilliant storytelling and seemingly endless knowledge

Leon H (The late-one!), Texas, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

"One of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of my life"

Your gracious hospitality, elegant class, knowledge and humor made this one of the most memorable and enjoyable weeks of my life.

Matt Hawley, AZ, USA (Single traveler on the Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour)

"The trip was so organized with no detail overlooked"

Thank you for such an amazing experience and introducing us to great wines and vineyards.

Dennis and Pat E, NJ, USA (The Grand Tour of Bordeaux)

Great fun on our Bordeaux Wine Tours

Great fun on our Bordeaux Wine Tours

Great wines, great food, great people and great fun

No gala dinners or other formal and stuffy events on our wine tours.

Leave your tuxedo, suits and ties at home! A wine tour is a vacation and you are on vacation to have fun!

In an informal relaxed atmosphere we will introduce you to the fun of wine and wine tasting.

The French enjoy their wines; they don’t feel the need to read four different books before they can drink a glass of wine.

Of course if you know a little bit more about the region and its wines you’ll appreciate it more.

We will introduce you to this knowledge, but the most important part is that you will enjoy tasting these wines and have fun on our tours.


Prestigious estates, not pretentious people

Great fun on the 2017 June Grand Cru Tour cooking class

Great fun on the Grand Cru Tour cooking class

Some tour companies emphasize on prestige, gala dinners, superlative service and other pretentious and overpriced stuffy blah blah.

Our mission is to make this wonderful world of Bordeaux and its wines accessible to all levels of wine lovers.

And we are a strong believers that a sense of humor keeps us all from taking everything too serious.

Click here to see what previous guests thought of their experience with us.

You’ll see that we tour prestigious estates, not pretentious people.


A passion for traveling and for France

Margaret and Ronald love to welcome you on their Bordeaux Wine Tours

Margaret and Ronald love to welcome you on their Bordeaux Wine Tours

One of our passions is traveling. We traveled to The United States, Canada and Mexico, Africa, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Martinique, India, China, Russia and almost every country in Europe.

As seasoned travelers we know what is important to you when you visit another country.

After we successfully sold our company in the Netherlands we decided to follow our dream and go and live in France.

When we first saw Chateau Coulon Laurensac in the Bordeaux wine region, we just fell in love with it (not a good bargaining position, but you know how it is…).

We love to share this beautiful 18th century chateau with you on our tours.


Personal Experience

The Bordeaux Wine Experience at Chateau d’Yquem

We want to keep things personal. That’s why we only organize tours for small groups.

And a vey limited number of tours per year.

A small group from our perspective means a maximum of six couples and one single, the maximum number we will accommodate at our Chateau Coulon Laurensac.

Guests won’t stay in hotels but at our own Chateau.

You’ll stay at our chateau and we take care of everything; really everything!


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