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Below you will find the most asked questions and our answers to these questions. Click on the blue questions to see the answer.
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  1. What is the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    The Bordeaux Wine Magazine has grown to become the fastest growing independent publication specializing on lifestyle, culinary experiences and premium wines.

  2. What is the aim of the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    The aim of the Magazine is to entertain and inform readers with first hand experiences about developments in the fascinating world of fine wine in general and has a strong emphasis on Bordeaux.

  3. Is a subscription to the Bordeaux Wine Magazine free?

    Yes, the Bordeaux Wine Magazine is a free service to wine lovers all over the world

  4. How often does the Bordeaux Wine Magazine appear?

    The Bordeaux Wine Magazine is an important source of information for both consumers as to the trade and focuses mainly on the Bordeaux Classified Growths, lifestyle and culinary experiences. The Magazine is distributed over the Internet about 8 to 10 times per year.

  5. How do I subscribe to the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    You can subscribe to the Bordeaux Wine Magazine following this link.

  6. How do I unsubscribe from the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    Each issue of the Bordeaux Wine Magazine contains an unsubscribe link on the bottom of the page. You just click this link to unsubscribe: It’s instant and it’s permanent.

  7. When was the Bordeaux Wine Magazine created?

    Tee Bordeaux Wine Magazine was founded in January 2006. Since then it has remained true to its original mission: to educate and entertain readers in the most accessible and user-friendly way, as part of an active, upscale and fulfilling lifestyle.

  8. Can I advertise in the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    The Bordeaux Wine Magazine is an independent publication and allows no advertising.

  9. Can I get access to your subscriber base?

    No you can not. We never share email addresses of our subscribers with anyone.

  10. Can I supply an article for the Bordeaux Wine Magazine?

    That depends. The aim of the Magazine is to entertain and inform readers with first-hand experiences, which means that we only write about our own experiences. If you have an article that may be genuinely interesting for our readers then you can contact us and we will consider using your article.

  11. I got an error using the Bordeaux Wine Magazine site.

    We strive to provide the best possible experience for our site visitors. However, technology isn’t perfect so we need your help in finding and correcting any technical problems. Should you encounter one, please contact us by email. Please let us know: The kind of error you got (e.g., any words displayed in your browser to alert you to the error — you may be able to copy and paste these directly into your email); What you were doing when the error occurred and if the occurred when you were doing a search, please tell us what you typed into the search engine before the error occurred. Thank you for your cooperation.

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